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404 Link Reclamation Using Google Webmaster Tools
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In this week’s Tutorial Tuesday we walk you step by step through link reclamation with Google Webmaster Tools.

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Why the Humble Quiz is a Brilliant Content Marketing Tactic
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You will be surprised at the impact the humble quiz has as a content marketing tactic. Here are 7 principles for creating a winning quiz that can go viral.

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How 3 Diehard Fans Convinced Coca-Cola To Bring Back Surge Soda

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Coke revived the defunct citrus drink largely due to the efforts of three hardcore Surge fans.

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UX Maturity Model: From Usable to Delightful

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User Experience Magazine - The Magazine of the User Experience Professionals Association

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After 2-Year-Old Emails Detailing Impropriety Surface, Los Angeles School Board Votes To Limit Retention To One Year | Tim Cushing | Techdirt.com
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In a set of strange coincidences not unlike those surrounding the IRS/Lois Lerner email disappearance, the Los Angeles Unified school board has decided it will only retain internal emails for one year going forward.

The Los Angeles Unified school board voted Tuesday to buy a Microsoft email archiving service programmed to automatically destroy staff emails after one year.

Why only one year? According to the Chief Information Officer of the school district, the one year limit is mandated by district policy — which is handy, but likely not the real reason. (Keeping all those bytes is considered “too expensive.”) After all, if this policy was already in force, why the vote on retention limits?

More likely, this decision was prompted by recent events — namely the publication of emails morethan a year old.

The decision comes less than three weeks after KPCC published two-year-old internal emails that raised questions about whether Superintendent John Deasy’s meetings and discussions with Apple and textbook publisher Pearson influenced the school district’s historic $500 million technology contract.

A half-billion that ultimately went nowhere. Deasy allegedly cozied up to the companies before the district awarded them the tech contract, holding personal meetings with both a year before the plan went up for public bidding. The superintendent claimed he did nothing wrong (“discussed a pilot program that went nowhere”) but nevertheless cancelled the program three day after KPCC’s story went live.

What was implemented never worked properly, making this $500 million (which ultimately turned out to be $1.3 billion) project a complete washout.

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8 Resurrection Tactics To Galvanize Your Socially Fatigued Audience - SocialBro
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The old novelty marketing ideas don’t work any more. With over 825 million Facebook posts a day, 7,500 Tweets a second, and at least 86 different social networks with over 1,000,000 users, your audience is constantly bombarded with blogs, jokes, memes, news, reviews, pictures, and other things on social media that aren’t related to your brand. At the beginning of 2014 there were over 180 million websites on the Internet (one website for every 40 people on the planet), most will have social pages churning out posts that compete with you for clicks and attention.

People have such social fatigue that by the time your post arrives in someone’s feed you could be the 200th thing they’ve seen that minute and they’ll move on to the 201st less than a second later.Your socially fatigued customers live in an age where ‘good’ isn’t good enough, and ‘excellent’ is barely remembered.

To truly stand out you need to create a real impact and connect with your audience on a deeper level than just pretty pictures and humour. Here’s eight key components that successful marketers use to turn socially comatose casual browsers into chipper consumers….

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10 Quotes On What Inspires Creativity, And What Most Definitely Does Not | Priscilla Frank | HuffPost.com
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Creativity is phenomenon that occurs when something new, be it an image, an idea, an invention, or some combination thereof, comes into being. Whether in the field of art, science, philosophy, writing, mathematics, physics, or whatever your discipline of choice may be, the stroke of creativity bears a similar sensation. Somewhere inside, doors open, lights turn on, distractions fade into oblivion. Yes, it is intense.

Over the years, many a brilliant mind has tried to pin down, in greater detail, what exactly creativity is and how best to go about finding it. Like the most nebulous and precious of concepts, it is often easiest described by what it is not. We’ve gathered a selection of our favorite tips from great minds throughout a variety of fields, all helping point us in the direction of finding that creative spark.

Some offer warnings, others advice; some in jest, and others very, very seriously. We hope some of the wise words will strike a chord within you, and serve you well in your quest to become the next Picasso or Plath.

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Infographic: Social media then and now

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Do you remember when Polaroids were the best way to quickly share photos, or when you tacked reminders to a bulletin board, not Pinterest?

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8 Tips for Managing a Social Media Crisis

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If you did something wrong, say so. Instead of trying to figure out where the blame lies, turn upset fans into loyal customers by taking responsibility for your actions.

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